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Cybersite niq music
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27.04.08 music, 2D/3D gfx/anim, coder Czech republic niqmusic(at)
Amiga (copatible) machine(s) in use Amiga 1200, Blizzard 1230/50 III, 16MB Fast RAM, AGA, AOS3.9, CF, Scandoubler, HD FDD.

Factor6 Factor6
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27.04.08 music Czech republic f6(at)
Amiga (copatible) machine(s) in use Amiga 600, ROM3.1, RAM 2MB Chip, HDD 850MB 2.5", OS3.1

Amiga 1200, ROM3.0, Blizzard 1230IV/50MHz, RAM 2MB Chip, 16MB Fast, CF-IDE 4GB, PCMCIA ethernet, PCMCIA CF reader, OS3.1.

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28.02.06 webmaster, 2Dgfx Czech republic BLAYEN.TK
Amiga (copatible) machine(s) in use Amiga 1200 in black bigtower with black Amiga CDTV keyboard and black optical mouse (using cocolino), Blizzard 1260/50 (68060 rev.5), 128MB FastRAM, Mediator 1200, Voodoo 4 4500 (with black 32" multimedia LCD monitor Philips BDL3221V), Sound blaster digital (with AV set Pioneer), Ethernet realtek 10Mbit (with ADSL 35mbit), USB Spider II, Fast ATA 1200 EIDE, HDD Seagate 6GB+20GB, CDRW Yamaha CRW-F1, CD Teac, 2x FDD.

Amiga 1200 in black PC desktop with black Amiga CDTV keyboard, Blizzard 1240/40, 64MB FastRAM, HDD WD 1.2GB, CD-Rom, 2xFDD.

Wayne Wayne
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01.01.06 coder, swapper, translator, 2Dgfx, (founder of this group) Czech republic wayne1(at)
Amiga (copatible) machine(s) in use Amiga 600, rom2.0, RAM 2MB CHIP, HDD 120MB 2.5", parnet, OS2.1.

Amiga 1200 rom3.1, Blizzard 1230IV/50MHz+FPU/MMU (Phase 5), RAM 2MB CHIP 64MB FAST, HDD 40GB 2.5", PCMCIA ethernet, surf sound 360N, OS3.9bb2.

Amiga 1200, D-BOX, rom3.1, RAM 2MB CHIP 256MB FAST, Blizzard 1260/50MHz (DCE), scsikit, Mediator 1200 SX, Fast ATA MK-III, VooDoo3 3000/VooDoo5 5500, Yamada Abit Soundcard, Pixelview TV card, fast ethernet 10/100, HDD 80GB 3.5", CDRW/DVD, FDD 880, PC-Key interface, cocolino/wireles optical mouse(USB/PS2), OS3.9bb3, 20" LCD TFT monitor DELL UltraSharp 2007FP, 32GB flash disk.

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