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Complete history of AmiGanS

06.05.15 jack-3d left AmiGanS and is now a member of kLik only, we wish him good luck.
03.11.14 Prober left the AmiGanS.
27.04.12 Added download of "RESETkani 2012 - invitation".
12.03.09 Prober joined as "Czech amiga demoscene archive" web editor and support.
08.06.08 The first AmiGanS web was replaced with new version without webmag sections.
27.04.08 Factor6 and cYBErsitE_ni.q joined AmiGanS as a musicians.
15.04.08 Added download of "JoinTro 2008".
01.11.06 Added download of "Prase Party 11 intro".
28.08.06 Added download of "Bytefest 2006 invite".
09.07.06 Jack joined AmiGanS as a graphic designer (3d gfx).
11.06.06 Download of "ArtWay 2006 invite" - party version was replaced with "ArtWay 2006 invite" final version.
18.04.06 Added download of "ArtWay 2006 invite" - party version.
17.04.06 Demo "ArtWay 2006 invite" was presented at BreakPoint party and get 6. place.
28.02.06 [BLAyEn] joined AmiGanS as a webmaster and graphic designer (2d gfx).
28.02.06 New AmiGanS web was finalized by [BLAyEn]. This web was the first AmiGanS home page but new czech Amiga webmag too.
01.01.06 AmiGanS was founded by Wayne as a subgroup of ArtWaY after agreement with [BLAyEn] on IRC.


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